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About Me


Stefania Gogna


Member of IASS (International Association for Semiotic Studies) and AISS (Italian Association of Semiotic Studies), I have been involved in Marketing Research, quantitative, qualitative and integrated, for the main Italian and International Research Companies. 
Specialising in Semiotics and Cross-Cultural Analysis of various markets, including Japan and South-East Asia, I define myself as a Brand Strategist and an Opportunity-Maker.
After having collaborated with the "Faculty of Business and Economics" in Pavia, and taught at "Accademia di Comunicazione" in Milan, at present I'm Research Methodology Consultant at CREMIT, Research Center for Media and Technology Education, at the Catholic University of Milan.
Currently, I am also engaged in international cultural studies for understanding the context of brands and helping their coherent positioning. 
One of my high-level specialisations is the combined use of Semiotics with lexicographic software tools, a scientific and innovative methodology to understand the brand positioning, individuals' consumption behaviour and to set up conceptual paths for advertising campaigns.


Clients & Agencies


Suki Bains

Creative Semiotician & Cultural Strategist.

Designer, Illustrator & Lecturer

I have never met anyone or will ever meet anyone quite like Stefania. She really is the most unique human being, with the most brightest mind I have ever known! A true genius at what she does. Yes, she will hate me for saying this… But she really is the ‘best in the world’ at what she does. 

Her brain is invaluable. Her knowledge infinite. Her work is perfection. Her aura inspiring. 

I have known her for nearly 10 years but it feels like a lifetime… A great friend and associate. Sometimes we have worked alongside each other, sometimes I’ve worked for her (btw, a great honour) and vice-versa. And throughout that time I have valued her opinions over most others. 

What truly stands out for me, is her immense level of expertise and knowledge. Every day she is learning and improving herself and to go that extra mile! Nothing ever phases her and she never ceases to surprise me or her clients who are always blown away by her mind and work. She is a true leader, a Captain who can steer the ship but supports her crew too. For me she is a great role model and source of inspiration. 

It’s very rare in this world to find individuals that can inspire, support and teach you in the way she does, but Stefi is one of those people. An absolute professional, clever and funny; a fantastic person at heart. The Best in the World!

Mauro Buratti

Sales Manager General Contractors South Europe, Middle-East & Africa


As long as I got to know Stefania I thought in today's economy there was no room for tenacity anymore. On the opposite what I learnt is that the enthusiasm she puts in every task she accomplishes comes coupled with a long-term very strong commitment. It's a rare mix, and therefore a precious one.


Stefania Gogna is serious and professional. She works with passion and intelligence. Always friendly and kind with strong relational skills. Stefania is a very competent professional, she's very forward-looking. It's a pleasure for me to share opinions and projects with her. I truly recommend her as one of the most valued professionals in its business.


Project Manager and Analyst Organization 


Agostino Cordoni

Simone Favarin

Stefania is a fine person and she got a very pro-skills.

It's a pleasure to work with her.


Chief Digital Information Officer at tNotice 

Author of Visual Connexion

Post-Doc Researcher

Université de Lorraine

Dario Compagno

Stefania is incredibly passionate about what she does and her passion is contagious. 

She is without a doubt the most ethically solid and enthusiastic person I have ever worked with. Stefania's vision of semiotics is fresh, free of any prejudice whatsoever, and extremely inspiring.


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