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Semiotics for Marketing


Semiotics offers practical and effective insights
in strategic research, in guiding communication choices of brand positioning, in the creation of new products and in reading the evolution of the

market. Semiotics is a branding method.

Culture Mapping

Semiotics of Culture looks beyond the literal and direct meanings of ideas and concepts to uncover the hidden culture codes.

Semiotics of Culture involves studying cultural trends, language, non-verbal cues, behavioural norms, social etiquette, and rituals.


Netnography is a qualitative research method, based on ethnography, which allows the researcher to immerse in the free-flowing online conversations in order to extract significant information, and deep meaning, to be converted into actionable insights.

Strategic Insights

By exploring the codes of culture, Semiotics can identify areas for brand development that may not have been identified. Insights differ significantly from information. Information produces knowledge, insights translate knowledge into actions and marketing strategies.

Trend Spotting

Trend Spotting is aimed at understanding and framing emerging

patterns and codes for people.

That means understanding the world of dominant culture, subcultures and the needs of businesses, but above all creating consistent strategies.

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