Semiotics decodes the cultural codes structuring consumer myths, archetypes and icons. We translate consumer insights into symbolic elements, such as the brand lexicon and iconography, design strategy, and stories. We apply semiotics to consumer research, design strategy, advertising research and cultural branding.


Semiotics of Culture looks beyond the literal and direct meanings of ideas and concepts to uncover the hidden culture codes or rules that lie beneath and govern the things people think, say and do. It provides cultural and sociologically based insights. 

Culture Mapping

Our social world is digital, with perhaps hundreds of millions of people interacting through various online communities and their associated cybercultures. To stay current, our research methods must follow. Netnography is an online, participant-observational research tool. It uses computer-mediated communication as a source of data to arrive at the understanding and representation of a cultural or communal phenomenon.


By exploring the codes of culture, Semiotics can establish the hidden forces that construct meaning in society, as well as identify areas for brand development that may not have been identified through other means. That's the strategic thinking and the purpose of strategic thinking is to produce insights.

Strategic Insight

Through semiotic analysis, we understand and frame emerging, dominant and residual patterns, codes and discourses for people in specific categories and geographies.

By connecting these findings to the commercial landscapes within a category, insights emerge as to the value underlying existing or future brand ideas, providing both direction for development, and/or hypotheses for consumer testing.

Trend Spotting

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